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Lightning™ Plug-In System Extender

The System Extender gives unlimited range within a building with virtually 100% hit rate.

Just plug it into any 110/120V outlet... hit the Set Up button once... and the Extender never needs attention again.

It repeats every Lightning transmission it hears... from Lightning Transmitters and other Extenders. Performance is boosted by super-sensitive reception... and multiple, super-powerful retransmissions.

Colors: White

Ships within 1 business day.

By locating Extenders strategically in a building or complex of buildings:

-- you can broadcast around obstacles such as machinery, appliances, metal walls or ductwork that might block direct transmissions

-- across open areas... transmissions of up to 150 to 200 feet from an Extender to a Receiver can be achieved... from one Extender to another Extender you can hit from up to 250 to 300 feet and

-- Lightning transmissions can be "hopped" through a network of multiple Extenders for hundreds or thousands of feet.

Install one Extender for every 2,000 sq.ft. within a building that has small rooms... such as a home or office... and one Extender for every 5,000 sq.ft. when the rooms are large and open.

Generally, System Extenders should be placed near the center of the array of Lightning Switch Transmitters and Receivers.

Extenders installed higher in a building... such as on the second floor... give the best performance.

System Extender Dimensions: 3.0"L x 3.0"W x 1.3"D (2.0"D to tip of plug).

UL listed.

Product# E-P120P2-WH (White)

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Image 1


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