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Lightning Continental Transmitter - On/Call - Large Plate

This batteryless Transmitter emits ONLY an On signal.

Applications include call buttons, announce buttons for waiting rooms or attention needed buttons in offices, factories, warehouses, etc.

Range: 60 to 75 ft.

Installations using one or more On/Call Transmitters require at least one Lightning Receiver & at least one Master (On/Off) Transmitter to turn Off the Receiver(s).

Colors: White, Almond, Light Almond, Ivory, Brown.

Ships Oct. 2015.


This Transmitter emits an "On" command each time the Transmitter button is pushed. If more than one Receiver is matched to this Transmitter, all of the Receivers will be turned "On" at the same time. The Large Plate Switch is designed to cover the hole in the wall left after a typical US wired switch has been removed. Ships in 1 to 2 business days. Transmitter Dimensions: 5.14"L x 3.27"W x 0.54"D (approximately the same size as a standard North American light switch plate). For complete details, click to see the Technical Data Sheets for Lightning Products. Product#s: TNXLC2-WH (White) TNXLC2-AL (Almond) TNXLC2-LA (Light Almond) TNXLC2-VY (Ivory) TNXLC2-BR (Brown)

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